Wendi James

Wendi James (also known as Rutabaga Sweets) received a

Cuisine and Pastry Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris in 1997 and has completed advanced courses in chocolate and sugar from The French Pastry in Chicago.​


Since 1997, her work experience includes stints at Restaurant Gerard Besson (Paris), Restaurant Daniel (New York), The Inn at Little Washington (Virginia), and Charlie Trotter's (Chicago).

Wendi also holds a BA in Hospitality Management from the University of Illinois.


You can find this talented Chicago native offering culinary instruction and planning events at various venues in the DC metropolitan area, most notably at CulinAerie - the foremost cooking school in our nation's capital.​


Wendi travels to Paris yearly to continue to explore the city she loves and all the delicious delicacies that Paris offers. She would love to share her experience and love of food with you.